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Introducing the author of these blogs, Dr. Bruce Parker. Dr. Bruce is a luminary in the realm of the business of chiropractic, whose journey embodies a fusion of expertise, passion, and entrepreneurial zeal. A graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College, Iowa, Dr. Parker embarked on a mission to revolutionize healthcare standards and redefine the paradigm of patient care.

With an unwavering commitment to the principles of practice ownership as a for-profit enterprise, free from the influence of Big Pharma and the impact of medical insurance guidelines attempting to direct a practice that is the complete opposite of their organizers, which is to control the care the algorithms deem as “medically necessary” rather than chiropractically necessary, which promoted Dr. Bruce to embark on a transformative odyssey.

At the forefront of his pioneering efforts stands "Bruce Parker Coaching,” which is a groundbreaking chiropractic practice owners business program born from Dr. Parker's innovative protocols. Through this initiative, Dr. Parker empowers fellow chiropractors to optimize practice profitability, master marketing strategies, and transcend the conventional focus on pain relief, advocating instead for a holistic message of transformational health care.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a dedication to growth, Dr. Parker remains a stalwart champion of advancements in chiropractic practice. His impact extends far beyond professional accolades, as he embodies the ethos of #RootCause—a moniker emblematic that suggests a commitment to identifying and addressing the fundamental source of any issue or problem, rather than merely treating its symptoms. It signifies a dedication to delving deeper, understanding the underlying causes of challenges, and implementing solutions that target these root causes directly. By prioritizing the root cause, individuals or organizations can achieve more sustainable and long-lasting outcomes, leading to greater effectiveness and success in various endeavors and implementing solutions at their core.

Beyond the realm of chiropractic achievements, Dr. Parker's warm demeanor, genuine compassion, and steadfast dedication to his coaching clients underscore his role as a trusted mentor and beacon of inspiration. Whether conducting workshops, coaching sessions, or captivating audiences through speaking engagements, Dr. Parker's influence transcends boundaries, inspiring individuals to realize their fullest potential in both their practices and personal lives.

In summary, Dr. Bruce Parker emerges as a visionary leader—a catalyst for positive change shaping the future landscape of chiropractic care. With a blend of expertise, compassion, and an unyielding commitment to uncovering the root causes of challenges, Dr. Parker exemplifies the transformative power Bullet listof chiropractic principles in effecting lasting change.

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Profitability over Gross Services: Your Blueprint for Market Success

January 08, 20244 min read

In the bustling corridors of professional service industries, where the clamor for client attention is as intense as the Wall Street trading floor, lies an often overlooked truth: the path to prosperity isn't paved with the volume of services, but with the gold of profitability.


Businessman touching glowing

Understanding Your Battlefield: The Competitor Landscape


This article was inspired by many business owners asking me the best way to increase their business. As a former president of a venture capital group owning 28 chiropractic practices, the daily plea was to acquire more practices to boost revenues. However, I always redirected focus to the profitability of each individual practice. Profitability, not mere expansion, should be the cornerstone of your strategy.

Ask Yourself: In your business, what do you focus on? Increasing services, income, new clients, a service that has an ROI covering expenses, or creating profits? Or perhaps all three?

Over the years, I've observed a scenario that's a bit scary. The entrepreneurial world seems obsessed with creating a business measured by its gross income. This might be acceptable for some as a crude measurement for production, but many operate with an “elephant in the room: a lack of focus on profitability and only measuring gross service. 

One past client, despite collecting 1.2 million dollars over 12 months, struggled with paying his overhead expenses. His focus was on creating a million-dollar income practice without planning for profit. He only saw his massive income as a way to purchase more equipment or decorate the place… (it was beautiful). However, with few tweaks in his strategy for operations and the implementation with some strategic procedures, this practice's net profit could increase significantly, all without additional marketing or non-revenue-creating expenses.


Crafting Your Niche: The Art of Differentiation


In this symphony of services, what's your melody? Are you the master of a specific client niche, or playing a tune that resonates with everyone, yet moves no one? Your marketing should be a lighthouse, guiding your ideal clients to your shore.


The Market Share Mirror: Reflecting on Trends

Reflecting Business statistics

It's essential to know not just where you stand, but where others do too. Has your competitor's market share been a rising tide or a receding wave over the past five years? Such insights are the compass guiding your ship in the vast ocean of market dynamics.


Reputation: The Currency of Trust

Building Reputation

What's the word on the street about you and your competitors? Understanding public perception is akin to holding a crystal ball that predicts your future market standing.

Predicting the Future: A Glimpse into Tomorrow

Leaders taking a view

Given your market analysis, what's your forecast for the industry? Will there be newcomers disrupting the current equilibrium? More importantly, does your practice have what it takes to maintain a market-dominating position?


Pricing Strategies: The Balancing Act

Balanced Pricing

How does your pricing compare with your competitors? Understanding this spectrum is crucial in positioning your services effectively. 


Marketing Strategies: Your Secret Weapon  

Marketing Strategies Vector

Are you aware of how your competitors are wooing your potential clients? In the chess game of business, knowing your opponent's moves can help you plan a checkmate.


Building a Legacy with “Strategic Profit Acceleration Secrets”

As we navigate these turbulent market waters, my book,"Strategic Profit Acceleration Secrets" emerges as your compass. It's your guide to creating a business legacy that will echo through generations.

One last thought.

Why even own a business that is not profitable? A non-profitable business is nothing more than a low paying high stress job, which is exactly what you did not want when you decided to open your own business. A profitable business will give you a dream lifestyle, as well as finance your life all the way to and including retirement; A retirement that will allow you to live as you did while deep in your career… if you plan for this NOW!


Get my new book now… Strategic Profit Acceleration Secrets. Download It Here

Strategic Profit Acceleration Secrets Cover

At just $4.95, it's a small investment for a giant leap in profitability. Remember, in the grand scheme of business…  profitability isn't just an idea; it is the purpose. As you embark on this profitable journey, I wish you not just a successful year but a profitable epoch.

To your very profitable year!


Dr Bruce Parker
The Profitability Coach 

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Dr. Bruce A. Parker

Renowned Business and Marketing Breakthrough Strategist Strategic Action Coach Suffield University Temecula, California, United States

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